Frequently asked questions

Can I suggest a subject that you will realize? (My house, my factory, my car, etc.)

Yes, of course, it is a specific order. We will define together the different aspects of this command. (Subject, dimension, support, ...).
We do not make the portaits except exceptional case.
And we intervene for the moment only in a limited geographical area (Valley of Bresle, Bay of Somme, Dieppois, West of Paris). Before any realization, we will ask 40% of the amount as a deposit on the order.

Is it possible to make a plaque with a photograph that I provide?

Unfortunately NO, our legal status "Artist, Author" requires that the products sold be of our own creation.

I'm getting married soon, can you be our photographer?

No, there are many professional photographers for whom this activity is a significant source of income.
There is no question of us taking the place of these companies. We limit ourselves to our specific artistic activity.